Falling for Autumn

I feel wonderful today.  It is the eve of the first day of Autumn.

Fall in Wisconsin Photo by Door County Visitor Bureau

I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  Fall was my favorite season of the year.  Fall brought a welcome crispness in the air.

The World Series was just around the corner.  Football season was getting into full swing.  Even getting back to school and rejoining schoolmates was exciting.  The leaves were starting to fall and, when I was a kid, it was still legal to rake up your leaves and burn them.  The smell of burning leaves was kind of a perfume in the air, and as far as I can tell, despite that heinous practice, the glaciers are still intact and the ocean here in Jacksonville remains where it belongs.

When Fall arrived, we kids were already plotting our Halloween mischief night pranks.  Apples were ripe in the orchards for pilfering (I lived in a rural area north of Milwaukee), pumpkins were ripe in the fields, and the Pheasants were all migrating into Milwaukee County where hunting was not permitted, and the Pheasants were very cognizant of that fact.

As the leaves were changing, preparations for Thanksgiving were underway and we knew that Christmas couldn’t be far behind.  And even in Wisconsin, that first snowfall was always excitedly anticipated.  It was an especially joyous time if the Green Bay Packers were having a winning season.

I spent my life in the Navy and lived from New England to Florida, California and even Greece, and every place we lived had its good seasons and good people, but nothing recalls to me wonderful and nostalgic memories more than the arrival of Fall in Wisconsin.

Have a happy and blessed season to you all.


About Tracy Connors

Tracy D. Connors graduated from Jacksonville University (AA), University of Florida (BA), the University of Rhode Island (MA), and Capella University (Ph.D. with Distinction, human services management, 2013). Ph.D. (Honorary), Leadership Excellence, Jacksonville University, December, 2013. Designated a "Distinguished Dolphin" by Jacksonville University, Feb. 2, 2010.

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