Mock Turtle Neck I (heart) Pack Bib


I (Heart) PACK is a BelleAire Press Team Spirit Knit ® original design by Faith Connors that captures the spirit and pride of dedicated NC State wolf pack fans.

All of us share feelings of pride and loyalty to our favorite teams competing in a variety of sports. We share feelings of camaraderie with other members of that group who also follow the team’s fortunes and take great pride when they succeed, and share disappointment when victory must be for another day.
Team Spirit Knits by BelleAire Press are original knit designs created to capture the essential energy, humor, and enthusiasm shared by millions for their sports teams.
The “spirit” components of this ever-expanding line of “easy-to-knit” products consists of to creating original designs that include symbols (e.g., football) and/or words or terms that are associated with a team or a sport. The designs are intended to allow knitters to choose their favorite team colors.

All Spirit Knit designs and patterns:

. Are easy to knit.
. Include complete knitting directions–two-color or one color–provided.
. Offer yarn and materials suggestions.
. Provide optional color swatches.
. Provide color-coded knitting chart.
. Include hyperlinks to additional resources.
. Arrive as downloadable e-PDFs for convenience in viewing and/or printing hard copy.
. Your ePDF is scaled to optimize viewing of contents (especially the design chart) on iPADs and similar display devices.

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