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For your reading pleasure and learning, BelleAire Press wanted you to know about the following books that have been recently published, or are nearing publication, all of them available as digital publications.

Just ePublished…

The Great Southern Circus: From the Big Top to Gettysburg

by Nick West

The Great Southern Circus, 2018 Digital Edition, is a riveting e-book of historic fiction by Nick West, that incorporates, expands, and updates the previous work, and its sequal, The Long Road Home: The Death and Birth of America.

It is set in the past and explores the manner, social conditions, major events, and other history of the period depicted. The author explores notable historical figures to allow readers to better understand how these individuals responded to the events and changes taking place in their environments.

The Great Southern Circus is based on true historical events, set in historical context and time. Although this story deals with real people and actual events, this is a work of historical fiction. The events chronicled here did happen, and the characters are all based on real people, but the author extrapolates from factual information derived from multiple sources to bring his characters to life.

Flavors of the Fjords ePub

by Faith R. Connors, Tracy D. Connors, Tove J. Fladvad, Bjørn Johansen Fladvad

History has never tasted so good!  ™

Flavors of the Fjords, Digital Edition 2018

    “The book may be the most detailed history of a Norwegian-American family yet published. Flavors of the Fjords exemplifies what dedicated compilers and relatives can do to preserve the knowledge of their family’s complex past. This one family’s legacy should inspire others as well.”

    – Royal Norwegian Embassy

“Flavors” is now available as an EPub.  You can now read it on your iPhone or iPad.  The rich color photographs of holiday foods and breathtaking Norway will be yours to enjoy.

Authentic Fladvad and Bjørke family recipes for over 125 holiday cookies, cakes, breads, toppings, and puddings are interwoven with fascinating bits of Norwegian and Newport, Rhode Island social history. These authentic Norwegian recipes reflect the holiday cooking, uniquely Norwegian, brought to America by nearly one million Norwegian immigrants.

Flavors of the Fjords is the first Norwegian holiday cookbook and includes many cookie and cake recipes never seen in “American” or “Scandinavian” cookbooks. Authentic, mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare Norwegian holiday recipes updated (and tested) from an original, 19th-century manuscript cookbook written by a beautiful immigrant to Newport , Marie Fladvad Cottrell.

Just ePublished…

PeeWee, Clark's Hill Cat narrates his story as the feisty owner of the Raymond Family of Stamford, Connecticut during World War II.
PeeWee, the Clark’s Hill Cat narrates his story as the feisty owner of the Raymond Family of Stamford, Connecticut during World War II.

The BelleAire Press “Cat-itorial Review Board” recently granted its CRB Seal of Excellence to a new work of feline historic fiction by Faith R. Connors, author of Flavors of the Fjords and Love, Midgie.

Pee Wee, The Clark’s Hill Cat is a cat’s tale, as told by himself to Connors. Actually, the story was the outcome of Connor’s discovery as a young girl that she knew what her cat was thinking. The result is a gripping tale of cat life in the Raymond household in Stamford, Connecticut during World War Two. From blackouts and Victory Gardens, to Sailors “borrowing” the family car, Pee Wee shares his unique experiences and outlook.

“Why do you want to read a book by me?” Pee Wee asks. “Is it because I am a cat?”

We believe you will agree with the BP CRB that Pee Wee’s tale is not too long, not too short, but just right.

Now ready for your e-joyment…

Rhode 53 Island: A One-of-Kind Summer In Jamestown


by Faith ConnorsRhode53Island Cover

Come along with me. Rhode 53 Island offers an excursion back in time as we visit family members vacationing in simple shore cottages of a mostly bygone era. Many members of our family including parents, grandparents and quite a few children spent summers in rental cottages at the Rhode Island shore.

My spontaneous summer visit happened in 1953, an experience so memorable that it provides the answer to my grandson, Andrew’s question, “What was your favorite vacation?”

…Even the hours spent in the back of my uncle’s car were out of the ordinary. Did I want to go? Oh, yes! All of the stops along the way were special, including Bishops in Guilford, Connecticut; Kenyon’s Grist Mill in Usquepaugh, Rhode Island and Westall’s, a bakery at the top of the road leading to the Jamestown Bridge.

I hadn’t been to Rhode Island since age ten when Mother and I took the bus from Stamford to Newport where we stayed with Mother’s first cousin, Louise Cottrell, in her home on Boulevard. Louise was Head Librarian at then Peoples Library, a position that she eventually held for fifty years. Our destination, by bus in 1949, was also Mother’s hometown where she was born at home on in an Italianate house on Pelham Street in 1905.

In 1953, our destination is Jamestown, Conanicut Island, a place I’d not visited since toddlerhood in 1941.

Rhode 53 Island recalls a magical summer on a wild, beautiful island in Narragansett Bay, as the author tells you more about her Newport family history and roots.

From Whipporwills to Eagles: Leadership Secrets of PEP

by Dr. Tracy D. Connors

“Leadership” is accorded near-mythic qualities of Saintliness.  Do mere mortals need apply?  Yet, nearly two of every three change initiatives (leadership) fail.

Since successful, effective Leadership is three-dimensional–Purpose, Environment, and Personal Competencies–it’s time we saw and understood what’s really happening during Leadership.

It’s time for an Advocatus Diabolic, a Devil’s Advocate, who explains the elements of this three-dimensional construct of Purpose, Environment/Situation, and Personal Competencies.

Dr. Tracy D. Connors, CAPT USN (Ret), the author of seven management handbooks, including the first for the nonprofit sector, explains the relationships between Purpose, Environment, and Personal Competencies, and offer tools you need to better understand how to improve your own results and outcomes, as well as those of your organization.

Vanished Destinies: Perilous Journeys by Southern Pioneers Seeking A Better Future, 1700-1915

by Dr. Tracy D. Connors

Settlements along historic southern rivers, once thriving towns like Sunbury, Georgia, Frederika, Georgia, and lumber towns along the International border river, the St. Marys, like Coleraine, Brick Yard, and Kings Ferry, have all vanished except for mentions in old records and nearly abandoned cemeteries.

Our pioneer ancestors are gone, and many of the towns they founded and lived in are also lost but to history, but they helped build and sustain our great nation.

Vanished Destinies follows members of several Southern families as they steadily developed new lands and businesses to provide a better future for their families in Georgia and La Florida throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.