Ginny Brinkley

Ginny Brinkley, author

Ginny Brinkley has been writing almost her entire life. As a young girl growing up in Virginia, she composed stories about her dog and cat, illustrating them with photos from her Brownie Hawkeye camera.

Ginny Brinkley was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Arlington, VA. She is a graduate of Washington-Lee High School and has a BS from Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia, and an MBA from the University of North Florida.

She began writing at an early age, composing stories about her dog and cat. Her writing developed into a career when as a new mother she co-authored a best-selling manual on pregnancy and childbirth, Your Child’s First Journey (Avery Publishing Group, 1981)–a guide to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

In 1989, she co-founded Pink, Inc! Publishing, producer of educational materials for pregnant teens and young parents. She co-authored numerous publications during this time. No longer in the publishing business after selling Pink Inc! in 2001, she joined the now-famous Star Writing Group in Jacksonville Beach, FL, and changed her focus to fiction.

It was here that she met and collaborated with Kathleen Perry, resulting in the publication of EarthQuest in 2011. EarthQuest, is a story of life, love and the pursuit of red meat. The new, revised, and updated ePublication online edition will soon be published by BelleAire Press. EarthQuest is a science-fiction story which was begun by her uncle, Dr. Frederick White, a biochemist with NIH.  His fascinating and thought-provoking manuscript was completed by Ginny and Kathleen Perry, a fellow writing group member, after Dr. White became incapacitated.

Ginny then began work on her second novel, the award-winning Goddess—A Child of the Sixties (Xlibris Publishing, 2018) available on Amazon. During the pandemic, she documented our trying times in a series of light-hearted limericks, which will soon be available as an e-book at Belleaire Press.

Ginny lives on a lake in Hawthorne, FL, with her husband, Bill, of 42 years. Together they have five adult children and 15 grandchildren, so family gatherings are a priority. Besides writing, Ginny enjoys boating, water-skiing, jet skiing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

She does not eat red meat.

A multi-talented writer, Ginny still enjoys sharing with her readers the lives of her cats.  The following one is about a kitty belonging to her grand daughter. And this time the tale is true. The facts in “My Texas Adventure” were recorded by Ginny just as they were related to her by Shae…

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