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Perhaps the most important legacy we can create is to gather and collect and hand down our experience, recollections and life lessons to others.

Understanding our history over which we had no control, empowers us with the knowledge to design and shape our destiny – to control our Future.

That’s what we are “all about,” as they say, at BelleAire Press.

We invite you to visit our shop. There you will find what appears at first glance to be an eclectic group of interesting publications. What they have in common is that they all reflect a great deal of research and many years of preparation to produce nonfiction or historic fiction works that help preserve and share family legacies.

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PeeWee, Clark's Hill Cat narrates his story as the feisty owner of the Raymond Family of Stamford, Connecticut during World War II.
PeeWee, the Clark’s Hill Cat narrates his story as the feisty owner of the Raymond Family of Stamford, Connecticut during World War II.

The BelleAire Press “Cat-itorial Review Board” recently granted its CRB Seal of Excellence to a new work of feline historic fiction by Faith R. Connors, author of Flavors of the Fjords and Love, Midgie.

Pee Wee, The Clark’s Hill Cat is a cat’s tale, as told by himself to Connors. Actually, the story was the outcome of Connors’ discovery as a young girl that she knew what her cat was thinking. The result is a gripping tale of cat life in the Raymond household in Stamford, Connecticut during World War II. From blackouts and Victory Gardens, to a Sailor “borrowing” the family car, Pee Wee shares his unique experiences and outlook.

“Why do you want to read a book by me?” Pee Wee asks. “Is it because I am a cat?”

We believe you will agree with the BP CRB that Pee Wee’s tale is not too long, not too short, but just right.

Flavors of the Fjords 2018 ePublication Edition


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Flavors of the Fjords

by Faith Connors & Tracy Connors, Bjørn & Tove Fladvad

Flavors of the Fjords “is the complete story of a family, their destinies, and the conditions under which they lived…[we wrote it] for people who want to have a better knowledge of Norway as it was in the past and what it is like today.”   -Bjørn Fladvad-

Flavors of the Fjords has the largest number of traditional Norwegian holiday recipes–cakes, cookies, breads–ever put together in one book! Interwoven with fascinating bits of Norwegian social history, including explanations of Norwegian Holiday traditions and customs, many of them kept alive by millions of Norwegian-American families.

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The new, digital, updated and expanded edition of Flavors of the Fjords is now available. The remaining hard cover stock of “first edition” Flavors is not likely to be replaced.
Why not order your hard copy now to have at hand in your cooking library for convenient access?


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Baited Trap, The Ambush of Mission 1890

…the incredible, true and heavily illustrated story of the heroic Airmen of Mission 1890, the Korean War’s most heroic, and tragic, combat helicopter rescue mission.

by Tracy D. Connors, Ph.D., CAPT USN (Ret)

Now Available As Hyperlinked E-Pub

The 2018 E-Publication edition of Baited Trap, the Ambush of Mission 1890 is updated with additional photographs, many in color.  It also includes hyperlinks to external web sites that provide additional information or resources to readers.

Baited Trap, The Ambush of Mission 1890 tells the story for the first time of perhaps the most dangerous Korean War rescue mission in compelling detail gleaned from formerly classified official records, first person accounts, and family documents long unknown.  “This story is a tragic, but wonderful, example of how war may affect the loved ones of those who are lost. It includes a ‘gold mine’ of documentary and photographic evidence at the family level.” (Dr. Forest Marion)

“Captain Tracy Connors has presented a remarkably accurate picture of the courage and dedication of those pilots and airmen who risked and sometimes gave their lives that others may live during the Korean War.” (LTC John Caldwell)

“I just had to let you that I am enthralled by the book…it is in indeed a part of history that should be told!” (Actual reader feedback)

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Truckbusters From Dogpatch Book Cover

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Truckbusters From Dogpatch

The Combat Diary of the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing in the Korean War, 1950-1953

by Tracy D. Connors, Ph.D., CAPT USN (Ret)

A 60th Anniversary Tribute to the Wing that flew more combat missions during the Korean War than any other

The Combat Diary of the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing in the Korean War, 1950-1953. “What a tremendous, true combat history of a fighting outfit. I have never read the equal of this book…When looking for a thorough, education history of the air war in Korea, readers cannot do any better.”

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Softbound and ePUB with Teacher/Tutor Guide (free download)


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Love Midgie

“…a refreshing, true story of a young Florida girl with indomitable spirit!”
by Faith Raymond Connors

Adventures based on a true story of an indomitable Florida girl

Love, Midgie’s incredible adventures are based on a true story and are illustrated with historic photographs and postcards, including photographs from Midgie’s actual family album.  Readers are able to see views of the actual locations, neighborhoods, and houses Midgie saw in 1915-1920.

Over 100 antique postcards, family photographs, and the author’s illustrations provide story continuity, identification by the reader with the location and story, and interest for the reader.

Written to help readers understand and experience life for a young, spirited girl in Florida a century ago.  Incredibly, much of the neighborhood and many of the same houses mentioned in the book have been preserved.  Readers can much of Jacksonville’s historic Springfield Neighborhood much as it was when Midgie and her brother, Henry, grew up there.

Just Added: Reader’s Guide

Home schooling parents and adults reading to young people will find the new Love, Midgie Reader’s Guide an important and useful resource.  The new, free download was prepared by author and reading educator Faith Connors to make the LM reading experience more fun and meaningful.

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Books and Digital Publications

An intergalactic love story…now available through BelleAire Press

We are pleased to announce that the highly-acclaimed sci-fi best seller Earth Quest is now available right here through BelleAire Press!

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Earth Quest by Ginny Brinkley and Kathleen Perry

Imagine what life would be like if our beloved planet were to become uninhabitable, either because of our own failings or from forces beyond our control. Would we have sufficient technology to be able to travel the unfathomable distances in space for years, perhaps thousands of years, in search of a new homeland?

The Enlilliians, remnants of an ancient civilization, experienced such a fate. A select few had escaped from their planet before it was incinerated by their ever-expanding sun. These survivors, confined to their giant spaceship, hoped that their search for a new home – and a new food source – would end within a few generations. Their Quest seemed hopeless. That is, until they came across a little planet called Earth – and a biologist named Dr. William Lance.

This could have already happened…
Is the ultimate fate of all intelligent life to roam endlessly in space?

Earth Quest is a compelling story by gifted writers (Ginny Brinkley & Kathleen Perry) that chronicles the epic voyage to Earth made by the survivors of an advanced civilization from their doomed planet. Ahead of us in their technological progress by hundreds of thousands of years, they, too, found violation of the light barrier to be out of the question. However, they found a means of travel compatible with their technology, thus enabling the adventure awaiting you in Earth Quest.