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If you are “of a certain age,” these tales will evoke reminiscences of your own growing-up years. For those a bit younger, these windows into the past will validate the childhood memories your parents or grandparents may have shared over the years.

Family TV: Who put the BAD in Badminton?

A Serious Badminton Tournament by Faith R. Connors, author of Love, Midgie, Flavors of the Fjords Digital Edition, and Clark’s Hill Cat. This is the story of how a game of badminton leads to the purchase of a TV set for the Raymond family of Clark’s Hill (Stamford, CT). When other families on Clark’s Hill … Continue reading Family TV: Who put the BAD in Badminton?

Breakfast Rooms and Jelly Glasses

Breakfast Rooms and Jelly Glasses by Faith R. Connors What was served for breakfast in our breakfast room? Most often, it was hot oatmeal served in glass bowls that were patterned like Sandwich glass. I have seen the bowls on eBay and they are not Sandwich glass at all.  Jelly glasses in the 1940s had … Continue reading Breakfast Rooms and Jelly Glasses

Honeysuckle Wall: Wonders of Wonder Bread

Wonders of Wonder Bread by Faith R. Connors Opening my lunch box in Kindergarten (Stamford, CT) was an instant disappointment because I knew it held a snack of two slices of whole wheat bread spread with butter. My friends, Janie, Sandy and Alice, lifted Wonder Bread sandwiches, fluffy and white, from their lunchboxes and quickly … Continue reading Honeysuckle Wall: Wonders of Wonder Bread

Honeysuckle Wall: The Refrigerator

The Refrigerator by Faith Connors During my entire childhood, I am virtually certain I never once opened the refrigerator door. Our refrigerator, small by today’s standards, had enough space for eggs, milk, orange juice and butter. There may have been a hydrator drawer or two for lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, plus an open shelf at … Continue reading Honeysuckle Wall: The Refrigerator