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If you are “of a certain age,” these tales will evoke reminiscences of your own growing-up years. For those a bit younger, these windows into the past will validate the childhood memories your parents or grandparents may have shared over the years.

Family TV: Who put the BAD in Badminton?

A Serious Badminton Tournament by Faith R. Connors, author of Love, Midgie, Flavors of the Fjords Digital Edition, and Clark’s Hill Cat. This is the story of how a game of badminton leads to the purchase of a TV set for the Raymond family of Clark’s Hill (Stamford, CT). When other families on Clark’s Hill … Continue reading Family TV: Who put the BAD in Badminton?

Faith R. Connors, author Love, Midgie

Sweet Sixteen’s Summertime Job on Summer Street

An ad in the Stamford Advocate invited job seekers to visit the trailer parked on a vacant lot on Summer Street and apply for openings in a new grocery store. I went early and  stood in line, along with some of my high school classmates, to wait in high hopes for an opportunity to fill … Continue reading Sweet Sixteen’s Summertime Job on Summer Street

Rag Curls and Broomsticks

Portraits of well-dressed women in the late 1800s often show them in hairstyles that highlighted beautiful spiral curls, ringlets in a variety of arrangements. Because they were so popular during that period, they are often called Victorian Rag Curls.  The name also reflected how the curls were created. The most popular way of creating these … Continue reading Rag Curls and Broomsticks