Spirit Knits Contributing Author

Spirit Knits Designer & Contributing Author

There are few who would disagree that ePublishing is the future. For almost a year we have been working with our Internet services provider to reconfigure our BelleAire Press website for ePublishing and e-commerce. That process is now complete.

The process of digitizing all of our publications is not yet complete; however, it is well on the way. From this point forward, all of our publishing will be focused on e-published works.

E-publishing is also the focus of several new product families that combine knitting and capturing the evocative spirit of sports, beach living, and Patriotism.  Spirit Knits by BelleAire Press is a new product family developed to respond to reader requests.

The “spirit” components of this ever-expanding line of “easy-to-knit” products consists of original designs suggesting the reader choose the colors of their favorite teams or from a Caribbean palette for the yarn, and creating designs that include symbols (e.g., football, shellfish) and/or words  that are associated with that theme.

We invite you to consider becoming a Spirit Knit Contributing Author by BelleAire Press.

Contributing authors of each design:

  • Are prominently recognized as the designer/author on each of their authored products;
  • Receive Contributing Author profiles (thumbnail bio and photo), and links both within the specific products they author and on the BelleAire Press website; and,
  • Accrue up to 50% royalties on each of the individual products they author.

The responsibilities of Contributing Authors include:

  • Working with VP and lead designer Faith R. Connors, agree on one or more specific designs that will be converted into a product, e.g., [Name that University] Baby Bib, or several sizes of “Brag Rag ™” cloths or squares.
  • Using the colors agreed-upon (school colors matched in so far as possible to a specific yarn source), knit the prototype for the agreed-upon design.
  • Prepare knitting instructions that will enable the purchaser of the ePDF (7-8 pages), to re-create the product as per the prototype.  Hint: use FRC’s directions as a helpful guide for that design.
  • Provide any additional information regarding yarn, supplies, sources that will help the purchaser create the product effectively and efficiently.
  • Create/knit and provide the prototype of the new knit product to BP.  It will be photographed and its on-line product page completed and published on the BP website.
  • Design time frames are typically very short, typically lasting for several weeks.  In other words, the entire process, from your initial contact to having a published design that is earning you both recognition and royalties, can be a matter of days.

Why not contact BelleAire Press for more information.

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