Faith R. Connors, author Love, Midgie

Faith R. Connors

Faith Raymond Connors was born in Stamford, Connecticut and went to public schools there.

She graduated from the University of Connecticut and worked as an elementary grades teacher in Middletown, RI. She attended the University of Oslo, International Summer School and completed other graduate level studies at Bowie State University, the University of Maryland and Hood College.

As a young Navy wife, she served as a pre-school, elementary and high school teacher in six states and accompanied her husband on one overseas deployment with their 18-month old daughter.

After completing a Master of Arts in Teaching (Reading), at Jacksonville University, she served as a Title One reading teacher in Duval County, Florida before teaching at the high school level in Charlottesville, Virginia for several years.

The majority of her teaching career was spent in Maryland as a high school teacher and as an Extension Educator with the University of Maryland.

As an Extension Educator (Associate Professor) for the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service, Charles County, Maryland, she directed and managed over thirty-six county-wide community service clubs, special interest 4-H clubs, and educational youth programs for over one thousand young people. In 1992 she received the National Achievement in Service Award from the National Association of Extension Agents 4-H.

Other writing experience includes serving as Contributing Editor to British Business Today (Overseas Publishing Company). At the invitation of the editor, she prepared a series of personal finance articles for All Hands Magazine, the U.S. Navy’s flagship publication, the first such series ever published in this periodical. She was also a Contributing Editor to the Longman Dictionary of Mass Media and Communication.

Jacksonville University Reading Laboratory with Chancellor Emeritus Dr. Frances Kinne (left) and Dr. Margaret Janz (center). Both encouraged Connors in her five year quest to complete Love, Midgie.
Jacksonville University Reading Laboratory with Chancellor Emeritus Dr. Frances Kinne (left) and Dr. Margaret Janz (center). Both encouraged Connors in her five year quest to complete Love, Midgie.

After retiring as Associate Professor, she focused on completing several new works of historical fiction. She co-authored Flavors of the Fjords with Tracy Connors, Bjørn Fladvad and Tove Fladvad of Oslo, Norway.

Flavors of the Fjords

The most comprehensive work on traditional Norwegian holiday recipes ever prepared. Based on the late 19th century hand-written manuscript cookbook prepared by Marie Theresa Fladvad Cottrell, a Norwegian immigrant who married into an established Newport, Rhode Island family at the turn of century.

“The book [Flavors of the Fjords] may be the most detailed history of a Norwegian-American family yet published, and it serves as a model of what many Norwegian-American families could do to preserve knowledge of their past and the stories of their ancestors’ immigration.”  –Norwegian Embassy, Washington, D.C.-

Love, Midgie…

Love Midgie
Love Midgie

In August 2007, she completed Love, Midgie, a work of historic fiction set in Florida during 1918-1920.

“Midgie is a refreshing, true story of a young Florida girl with indomitable spirit who meets each challenge as a new adventure. From the first page the reader is caught up in Midgie’s world…The author captures her unshakable spirit—‘Midgie’s magic’—as she moves from one adventure to another. The reader will laugh and cry with this remarkable, young girl and her brother, Henry. The book is a ‘winner.”’

The real Midgie, or the character of Midgie, is based on Miriam Morris Connors, the author’s mother-in-law. Most of the events in Love, Midgie actually happened to her during her childhood. The real Midgie shared many of these childhood experiences with the author over the course of the nearly five years it took for the book to be written.

Midgie’s brother, Henry Caston Morris, was every bit as lively as he is portrayed in Love, Midgie. Her friend, Rose, as well as her cousins, Sarah, Grace, Angus and the others were all a part of her childhood adventures. Aunt Daisy and Uncle Tom were very special to Midgie and helped her through some very difficult times. Henry was always with her in spirit, as were Mama and Daddy.

About Love, Midgie, she says she was delighted the real Midgie liked the book and felt it was true to her southern childhood experiences. Also that she will be happy to see Love, Midgie being read by her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Another new book, Christmas on Catherine Street, a work of historic fiction set in Newport about 1911, is in production.

Connors is deeply committed to community service, with particular emphasis on youth development.

Recent community activity has included serving on the Board of Trustees, Essex Public Library (Tiverton, Rhode Island). She has also served on the Board of Directors, Patuxent River 4-H Center, member of the Maryland Association of Extension & 4-H Agents, a member of the Maryland State Task Force on Family Financial Stability, and as a member of the National Youth in Business Conference Planning Committee. Her service in support of Venture (BSA) Scouting has resulted in several awards of appreciation. In 2007, she served on the Board of Directors of the Gainesville Sail & Power Squadron and as a committee member of two BSA Sea Scout Ships.

She lives in Florida with her husband, Tracy, where they write books, grow oranges and lemons in their garden and drink plenty of (un)sweet tea. They have two grown daughters and five grandchildren.

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