Jenny the Work from Home Housekeeper

“Slowing the spread,” through on-going covid quarantines and social distancing are leading to “insteads,” at least to author Faith Raymond Connors–many up close and personal, hands-on activities and relationships have changed.  In this first “Instead,” FRC shares a hyperbolic letter from “Jenny,” the now some-time, maybe cleaning lady.

Due to the Stay at Home rule, Jenny cannot come every other Thursday to clean. However, Mrs. Johnson continues to pay the cleaning woman, Jenny, who is staying home.

Jenny now seems to be almost in charge of cleaning the Johnson house in a new way. Mrs. Johnson received the following letter from Jenny:

Dear Mrs. J.,

Today’s Thursday, the day I steam clean your kitchen floor, so here’s what I want you to do. Get that big blue bucket on wheels from the garage and tow it to the laundry room. Run the water in the sink until it’s really hot and fill the bucket about halfway to the top. Add a squirt of liquid soap and some bleach. You can figure out how much.

Get your gloves, I mean those yellow rubber gloves I always wear when I steam clean your kitchen floor.

Be careful sloshing the hot water around, don’t pour too much on the floor. Don’t slip. I hope you’re wearing your sneakers.

Now you’re ready to plug in the steamer machine and hit that tile floor with the steamy mixture.

Rinsing is easy. Dump out the big blue bucket in the laundry room sink. Fill it with cold water and use the sponge mop to finish up the floor.

That’s all for today. I’ll tell you what to do tomorrow.

Maybe it’s odd for me to be telling you what to do, but when this virus thing is over I don’t want to come back to your house and find it’s a Big Mess.

If you have any questions, give me a holler.

You know my number.



You’ll need go on the glassed in side porch armed against spiders. Big things. Some of them live in the ceiling fan. I always feel like they’re coming for me. Just so you know. Get the broom and sweep those jumping spiders straight out into the garden where they belong.

About: the ‘fridge:

When I return some Thursday, sooner rather than later: No more jars of pickles, please. That refrigerator is packed. Cleaning it is tough enough but made worse because of all those jars of pickles the bottoms of which seem to be glued to the shelves inside the door.

In my opinion, there’s way too many jars of pickles in there. You and the mister don’t need all that extra salt, anyway. I’d like those jars of pickles gone from the ‘fridge, taking up shelf space, making it too hard to clean properly.

Between knowing what’s in your fridge and pantry, I do wonder what you people are eating over there.

Did I ever mention that you have seventeen boxes of aluminum foil? If not, sorry about that. I moved all but one of them from the upper cabinet left of the stove to a lower shelf in the back of the pantry.

You can dock my pay about the chip in the covered casserole dish. When I dusted in the dining room, I pushed the dish aside and it got chipped. So I turned it around. You won’t see the chip unless you move the ugly thing. I think it’s ugly, but maybe it isn’t. One time, Mama told me my taste was all in my mouth.

In a way, Mama may know best, after all. Getting paid to stay home has offered me a chance to go shopping for special ingredients. Now I can buy all the things I need to bake my Granny’s Cookies. Never had a chance to make all of her recipes so that’s what I’m doing with the money you paid me and the time I now have on my hands.

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“Why do you want to read a book by me?” Pee Wee asks. “Is it because I am a cat?”

We believe you will agree with the BP CRB that Pee Wee’s tale is not too long, not too short, but just right.

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