Hookman by Ginny Brinkley

“You go first,” Timmy said to his brother.

“No, you go first,” said Johnny.  “You’re older.”

“Oh, ok…,” agreed Timmy, standing up straighter and trying to act brave.  “I’ll go first.”

The two boys had been hanging out at the end of the road for several minutes, wondering if they really wanted to go trick or treating on that street.  The thing was–they had heard stories about a strange guy named “Hookman.”

They’d heard he was dangerous, and might hurt little kids! He had a hook for a hand and could stick you in the eye with it! “If you see Hookman, close your eyes,” they’d been warned.

Now here they were in the very same neighborhood where Hookman supposedly lived!

Timmy looked around carefully before taking a step.  “So many trees and bushes around here,” he thought.  “Hookman could be hiding anywhere and we would never see him!”

He thought for a minute, then announced, “Halloween is supposed to be fun.  Let’s just go trick or treat at this first house.  It looks ok–lots of lights, and even Halloween decorations in the yard, see? A scarecrow over there.”

“Well, maybe,” replied Johnny.  “But what if that’s not really a scarecrow?  What if it’s really Hookman dressed up like a scarecrow?”

“Oh, now you’re just being silly,” announced Timmy.  “Come on, let’s go,” he said, beginning to slowly make his way up the long path to the house. “Just follow me.”

Step by step, they silently crept up the path.  Hardly daring to breathe, they first had to pass the garage.  That’s when Johnny looked up and couldn’t believe what he saw.  “Stop!” he yelled to Timmy.  “Look in that window! Is that a face?”

Timmy looked up at the garage window.  “Yikes!” he yelled.  “Run!” He had seen the outline of what looked like a very strange face peering out the window and looking right at them!


Their hearts pounding, the two boys ran back to the road as fast as they could!

“Did you see his eye?” asked Johnny, catching his breath.  “He looked like a zombie or something.  Do you think that was Hookman?”

“I don’t know! He sure looked weird!  Let’s get outta here!

© Copyright 2016 Ginny Brinkley

About Tracy Connors

Tracy D. Connors graduated from Jacksonville University (AA), University of Florida (BA), the University of Rhode Island (MA), and Capella University (Ph.D. with Distinction, human services management, 2013). Ph.D. (Honorary), Leadership Excellence, Jacksonville University, December, 2013. Designated a "Distinguished Dolphin" by Jacksonville University, Feb. 2, 2010.

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