Truckbusters from Dogpatch 1950 e-Pub Edition


“…Truckbusters from Dogpatch is a rich historical document, entertaining read, and ode to the dedication, professionalism, creative problem-solving, and sacrifice of more than 3,500 of the Air Force’s finest. Author CAPT Tracy D. Connors has done a truly admirable job in writing and assembling this book. From the macroscopic view of the Wing’s role in the war, to the workarounds crew chiefs used to keep their Mustangs in the air, Truckbusters from Dogpatch is fascinating, informative, and visceral.” (Bowker 3 1/2 star review, the highest rating of any listed book)

We are delighted to report that the long-awaited e-Publication edition of Truckbusters from Dogpatch is now available.

The huge, 700+ page, 1,000 image original print edition has been updated, expanded, and organized into four e-Publications, each covering a year of combat.  This volume is focused on 1950 and provides compelling history, first hand recollections from pilots and Airmen, and numerous photographs–many now in color–most from the personal photo albums of Veterans.

With the advantages of e-Publication, color images will add more depth and immediacy.  Hyperlinks will connect readers with additional information and resources.  The e-Publication format will allow convenient, portable reading from iPads and similar devices.

“The story of this awesome and unique a Wing is long overdue.  It is a saga that clearly illustrates the gathering and performance of the best, brightest and bravest group of combat fighter pilots and their exceptional support personnel that I have ever known.  I honestly believe that no other Fighter Wing during the Korean War came even close to performing such diverse, challenging and tough missions, as did the Truckbusters.”  Lt. Gen. Devol “Rock” Brett, USAF (Ret.)

General Brett was a Truckbuster Centurian (an F-51 Mustang pilot who completed at least 100 combat missions during the Korean War).

“The sheer immensity of Truckbusters From Dogpatch invites fresh superlatives…the story of the Air Force’s 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing during the Korean War, is told through exhaustive historical documentation, insightful analysis, and first-person recollections….Connors smartly enlivens things by adding scores of photographs and concise sidebars….it is the Wing’s glorious history that is most impressive….there is a breathlessness to Connors’ description of pilots during extremely dangerous maneuvers….Yet, these men weren’t just nervy.  They were, and still are, among America’s finest.”

ForeWord Reviews, Five Star Rating (highest)


Truckbusters from Dogpatch 1950 e-Pub Edition…

The largest, most comprehensively documented and illustrated combat unit history of the Korean War is now an e-Publication.  Truckbusters from Dogpatch 1950 e-Pub Edition documents the first year of Korean War combat by the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing during 37 months of arduous, costly combat—chronicling the events, accomplishments and sacrifices by some of the bravest “characters” in American military history who bequeathed an important heritage to subsequent generations serving in the U.S. Air Force. It moves past the relative sterility of fact and data, to reach a better understanding of the personalities behind the facts and data.

  • e-Publication, immediate and convenient download.
  • Formatted for optimum i-Pad reading enjoyment.
  • Numerous hyperlinks added to provide immediate links to new sources of information.
  • Over 400 pages (approximately, based on display device), largest, most personal and most heavily illustrated unit history of the Korean War.
  • Over 300 previously unpublished photographs and images, many now in vivid color.
  • Riveting personal accounts from F-51 Mustang pilots and ground crewmen.
  • Extensive glossary of Korean War-era military slang and technical terms.
  • List of more than 3,500 Korean War Veterans of the 19th Fighter-Bomber Wing.