Doggerel Days of Quarantine

Author Ginny Brinkley entertains her grandchildren during the Covid quarantine with rhyming lines, true doggerel in this case, that reflect how many of us feel during this period of stress and frustration.

Doggerel Days of Quarantine

KK reading to long-suffering Teddy.

At first it was a doggie’s dream—

The family all at home.

T’was like a party all day long,

No more need to roam.


With treats all day and walks galore,

Us pets were center stage.

Games with the kids, and books were read,

Cute pictures on each page.


But slowly this routine got old—

Dogs need their time alone.

Another walk to please the fam,

When we’d rather stay at home.


It’s hard for dogs to just say “no,”

So please, dear family, just GO!

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