Quarantined Lines from Cowpen Lake

Author Ginny Brinkley entertains her grand children during the Covid quarantine with rhyming lines that reflect how many of us feel during this period of stress and frustration.


Each day’s the same day as the last.

I don’t know how much time has passed.

My school work, it just goes so slow.

Guess I’ll have to call GoGo.*


Every day is like the last.

Wash you hands and wear your mask.

Our whole lives are in a fog.

No one’s happy, but the dog.


My family’s starting to get rude,

I think from too much solitude.

How much more? They just don’t know.

I’d leave but there’s no place to go!


Another day—I’m going to freak!

Every day’s another week.

*Ginny’s grand children call her “GoGo,” a term of endearment that reflects her energy and enthusiasm.



I thought I didn’t like my school.

I thought that going wasn’t cool.

I didn’t like the work or stress.

I didn’t want to take a test.


I thought the school day was a bore.

I wished to not go anymore,

Thought I’d be happy staying home.

And doing stuff, just all alone.


But now that we have had this break,

I’ve changed my mind, for goodness sake!

I miss my teacher and each friend.

When will this crazy home-time end?


I even think I’d like to learn..

I cannot wait till we return!!

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