Faith R. Connors, author Love, Midgie

Grub: The Mystery of the Night Critter

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Cody wants to help Grandpa find out what critter is digging up the backyard every night. Each morning, Grandpa is distressed to see another part of the backyard has been dug up. He tells Cody that pretty soon the entire yard will look like someone has taken a shovel to it. What can Cody do to help Grandpa save the backyard? Is it a Florida panther? Could it possibly be a small black bear? (Grandpa says, “That’s bearly possible.) Is it an armadillo? Could it be a raccoon? What do you do, Cody wants to know, when an unknown critter is tearing up the backyard night after night? In Florida, it could be anything from an alligator to a monster snake. Cody decides that he will solve the mystery of the night critter and save Grandpa’s backyard from any further destruction. Cody’s quest turns out to be more of an adventure than he had ever imagined.