Shark Knit Design


This original shark design was created especially for those of you who prefer to “swim with the fishes” beneath a frosted glass of a delectable beverage.
The Shark’s design and surround is knitted in Stockinette Stitch and set in a frame of Garter Stitch on four sides.
The Shark Brag Rag © was knitted on #7 needles in worsted weight 100% cotton in which 4.5 stitches equal one inch.

All Spirit Knit designs and patterns:

  • Are easy to knit.
  • Include complete knitting directions–two-color or one color–provided.
  • Offer yarn and materials suggestions.
  • Provide optional color swatches.
  • Provide color-coded knitting chart.
  • Include hyperlinks to additional resources.
  • Arrive as downloadable e-PDFs for convenience in viewing and/or printing hard copy.
  • Your ePDF is scaled to optimize viewing of contents (especially the design chart) on iPADs and similar display devices.




Beach Spirit Knits© by BelleAire Press include original knit designs that help you go to the beach without actually leaving your home.
Caribbean color palettes that glow with the vibrant blues, oranges, and greens of southern seas.
Original designs that reflect the laidback atmosphere, fiesty spirit — and witty humor — of life and relaxation near a shore.
Create your own waves lapping or crashing. Seagulls scolding. Wind blowing the warm, damp musk of salt water and sand dunes into your innermost reaches. Relaxing, peaceful, calming.