Newport Old Stone Mill Knit Design


Newport’s Old Stone Mill knit design “Brag Rag”© design salutes that historic and lively Rhode Island seaport, and its oldest landmark.
The “Rhode Island” series of Spirit Knits by BelleAire Press honors Marie Fladvad Cottrell, a Norwegian immigrant who married into a Newport merchantile family, who taught her daughters and granddaughter to knit as her Mor in Norway had taughter her, even as she lauched a Newport usiness enterprise and became a Suffragette.
Marie’s fascinating story is now available as an ePublication, Flavors of the Fjords.

Body of the “Old Stone Mill”© is approximately 8 inches wide by 9 inches long. The letters are knitted in a panel of stockinette stitch.  Knit with 100% Cotton yarn (114 yards/ 60 grams), Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn.

All Spirit Knit designs and patterns:

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  • Provide optional color swatches.
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Newport Knit Design highlights Old Stone Mill

This original Newport Old Stone Mill knit design by BelleAire Press highlights one of Newport, Rhode Island‘s most iconic landmarks–the Old Stone Mill.  This ancient , round, two-story tower is located at the west end of Truro Park near the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and Mill Street.

As the small harbor port of Newport began to grow up the hill from the harbor, Judah Truro donated $10,000 in 1854 to the city of Newport to buy the land as a park that saved the tower and insured it would not be developed into homesites.

At ground level, eight round columns are connected by eight round arches. Inside remain beam-holes for at least two more floors, for windows, and a fireplace. Nothing remains of the towers former wooden materials.

Based on archaeological research conducted by the Chronognostic Research Foundation, the Old Stone Mill tower was built between 1125-1457, and “was placed at its present location for one reason: to measure the Solstices and the Equinoxes.”

Across Narragansett Bay from Newport is the island of Conanicut.  A new Faith Connors original knit design beverage coaster —Conanicut–highlights this beautiful, historic island which her family enjoyed for many years.  See other original Rhode Island knit design coasters at BelleAire Press or Faith Connors’ Etsy Store.