“We’re going to the Beach…” As kids (of all ages), those words held limitless promise. First, the smell of the humid salt air. Then the muted boom of the breaking waves, followed by the sizzling sound of gazillions of foaming bubbles breaking behind the receding roller. Finally, the soft, crunchy sand beneath your bare feet.
This Beach Spirit Knit© original knit design captures all the meanings and associations you have with visits to or life at the beach. With this BEACH LIFE knit design, you can bring the Beach Spirit to you…wherever you are.



Body of the “BEACH LIFE” Brag Rag© is approximately 8 inches wide by 9 inches long. The letters are knitted in a panel of stockinette stitch.  Knit with 100% Cotton yarn (114 yards/ 60 grams), Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn.

  • Easy to knit.
  • Complete knitting directions provided.
  • Yarn and materials suggestions
  • Optional color swatches provided.
  • Color-coded knitting chart provided.
  • Hyperlinks to additional resources.
  • Downloadable ePDF for convenience in viewing and/or printing hard copy.

Brag Rags© is the tongue-in-cheek name we gave our knitting designs that enable our friends to express their individual knitting skills and their sense of humor as they create a unique gift or personal project.
“Rag” as in a scrap of cloth, can be a misnomer. In the frugal South, we turned “scraps of cloth” into “dish rags” and “wash rags.” A rag was useful to clean and polish, or to use as we turn them into other items, including rugs or quilts.
Our Brag Rags© represent quick, easy, and useful knitted projects that allow our knitting family to choose their colors and original designs as they create clever, whimsical, and humorous gifts and home furnishings.