Jenny the Housekeeper: Stir Crazy

Lots of folks work from home these days, including me.
I like making cookies the old fashioned way.

So after finding a shoebox full of Granny’s Recipes, I’m starting out on a Real Loose Shoestring Budget for buying ingredients so I can make as many of Granny’s recipes as possible.

Starting today, I want to pull a baking sheet full of dozens of Granny’s freshly baked cookies, hot and fragrant, from the oven. My tastebuds and I remember nibbling cookies at her kitchen table when they were still warm from the oven.

If I make and bake all of her cookie recipes, I will have a small cookbook.  I already know its title: Stir Crazy.

Antsy fidgety me, feeling unusually restless in a stir-about way. Is there such a thing as stir craziness? Because, if there is, I’ve got it.

I really need to stir up something because otherwise I’ll go Stir Crazy.

I’ll have Cabin Fever. I need fresh air. I need a new situation.

So, confined to my kitchen, the first of Granny’s Cookies will be Icebox Cookies. Granny’s shoe box holds three recipes for Icebox Cookies:

Peanut butter
Brown Sugar

Granny’s Colossal Cookies and Jumbo Cookies will be a challenge to make and bake, shoe-horned in as I am in my little kitchen.

In retooling my work-a-day life, I’ve discovered that I like to bake in my bohemian kitchen a lot more than I like to clean other people’s stainless steel kitchens.

Not that I’m hoity-toity or anything.

It’s Friday at my house and I’m getting ready to bake icebox cookies.

A bit of crunch and a nutty flavor is what you get from biting into one Granny’s Oatmeal Icebox Cookies. Chew on!

Some of Granny’s cookie recipes are too fussy for me, that is unless I can do some preparation in advance of popping the baking sheet into the oven.

Time for the Jenny Test: Did the test cookie crumble and fall apart?

Whew! It’s warm in my kitchen. That’s not too much of a problem. There’s a problem and it’s right under foot all day. The cat worries me a bit. What if cat hair ends up on an icebox cookie?

My cat, Teddy. I should have named my cat Sheddy instead of Teddy. A buzzing fly is a problem, but the cat (fur) worries me more.

Maybe it’s time to take a cool break on the screened porch off my kitchen. Granny’s cast iron skillet hangs on a hook over my stove. I use it in so many ways that I can hardly count them. Today, my next recipe is Granny’s Super-size Skillet Cookies.
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