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Carrier Captain’s Night Orders: “Call Me…”

Before relieving the Officer of the Deck Underway (OOD u/w), the on-coming OOD was required to prepare himself thoroughly. Reading and initialing the Captain’s Night Orders was an important step in the relieving process.  They were read and initialed before every watch between 2100 – 0800. In other words,  periods when the Captain might be … Continue reading Carrier Captain’s Night Orders: “Call Me…”

In Dire Straits of Gibraltar

When Navy friends and ship mates get together to relax, invariably the topic gets around to “sea stories.” All of us who have served in the Navy have acquired such stories–funny, surprising, comical, humorous, tragic, poignant–and memorable, always memorable. Sea Stories are as varied as the person reliving them–interesting, exciting, provocative, stimulating, appealing, heartwarming, lively … Continue reading In Dire Straits of Gibraltar