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Memories of the Fru Dee Roo

We were “the stick” in case the “talk softly” part was not successful. When the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV A-42) was towed toward the oblivion of the scrap yard in 1978, she consisted of some 65,000 tons of obsolete steel and equipment–but she left many more tons of memories with the tens of thousands … Continue reading Memories of the Fru Dee Roo

In Dire Straits of Gibraltar

Midnight transit by Aircraft carrier through the Straits of Gibraltar Navigating a U.S. Navy attack aircraft carrier throught the Straits of Gibralter–at 25 knots–at midnight. Not just another day at the office for this Junior Lieutenant. When Navy friends and ship mates get together to relax, invariably the topic gets around to “sea stories.” All … Continue reading In Dire Straits of Gibraltar